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World of Cosplay: Best Cosplay Costumes that will Surely Standout

kuchiki_rukia_and_kurosaki_ichigo_cosplay___bleach_by_sailormappy-d5s47hoWhile there are people who think that cosplay is one excellent way of expressing one’s self, for others, it is a crazy and odd idea. Cosplay has its fair share of fans and detractors. Nevertheless, even though other people ridicule cosplay, more and more are encouraged to engage in this activity

For the benefit of those who don’t understand the world of cosplay, cosplay is the shortened version of “Costume Play.” It is considered as a form of performance art whereby the participants wear or use costumes, as well as the necessary accessories, to signify a certain character or idea. Among the favorite sources of ideas of cosplayers are anime, manga, video games, comic books, as well as films.

Primarily, cosplay is rampant among Asian countries, particularly in Japan. However, because of its popularity, there are also Western people who are hooked with cosplay. As a matter of fact, there are even competitions for cosplayers, like the prestigious World Cosplay Summit. Other well-known cosplay events are Anime Expo, Anime North, New York Comic Con, and San Diego Comic Con.

Those who are yearning to become excellent cosplayers should check out the best characters that are listed below. Whether they’ll attend a convention or join a competition, there’s no doubt that the characters below can grab the attention of both judges and fellow cosplayers.

1. Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight

Thanks to the late Heath Ledger, the character of Joker in Batman The Dark Knight has become more popular. The fact that Mr. Ledger played the character so well inspired a lot of cosplayers to try it as well. However, only few can pull off this character. To play this character with conviction, excellent make up and acting skills are required. Use this character and gain so much attention.

2. Bayonetta

This character features a playful personality. With amazing clothing and portrayed emotion, female cosplayers can surely pull this character off.

3. Iron Man

Many people think that it’s difficult to recreate the Iron Man suit, especially if it is for a cosplay, since it is very detailed. However, if Masterle247 was able to do it, then there’s no doubt that other cosplayers can do it as well.

4. The Rocket Team from Pokemon

All cosplayers know Pokemon. As a matter of fact, this Japanese-inspired cartoon is among the favorite sources of ideas of cosplayers. Mimicking the Team Rocket from this hit Japanese cartoon show is perfect for beginner cosplayers.

5. V for Vendetta

Some people think that mimicking the famous V for Vendetta character is as simple as wearing a mask. What they don’t realize is that the mask needs to look exactly as the one that is in the movie. Also, the character must also be accompanied with the right suit, accessories, and with conviction. Therefore, those cosplayers who want to portray this character should study the movie carefully.

6. Mystique- X Men First Class

Many X Men enthusiast would certainly agree that the character of Mystique is absolutely astonishing and very feminine. Using this character in a cosplay convention is definitely a great idea. It can surely make head turners, since it boasts luscious curves and very strong personality.

People have different views about the world of cosplay. Whether cosplay is used as a form of hobby or escape goat, the fact remains that its artistry is undeniably impeccable.

The Dos and Don’ts in Cosplay

1. Aspiring cosplayers should portray characters that they enjoy or relate to.

2. Aside from studying the costume, it is also important for cosplayers to study their preferred character’s mannerisms. They have to pay attention to the way the character portrays himself.

3. Cosplayers must also make 3 striking poses. They should create poses that can truly express and uplift the character.

4. When creating costumes, beginner cosplayers should at least have a reference image of all the desired costume’s angles. In case they can’t find images of some of the angles, then they should utilize their good judgment of how the other angles should look like. Cosplayers can add other designs in their costume. However, they have to make sure that the costume will look close with their preferred character’s costume.

5. Accepting criticisms is one great way of improving the costume and the makeup. Cosplayers should always have a room for improvement. As a matter of fact, even those who have been cosplaying for several years are open for criticisms.

6. Don’t treat cosplay as a means of source of income. Cosplay is known as a fun and interesting hobby. Therefore, even though they join cosplay competitions, cosplayers don’t forget to have fun.

7. It’s a no-no in cosplay to treat other cosplayers with not too appealing costumes inferiorly. Take note; cosplayers are equal.

8. This tip also has something to do with the “Cosplay Principle: Equal”. Cosplayers should not think that they’re the best in cosplaying their preferred character. In short, they should not feel superior to the other cosplayers. There are a lot of cosplayers that portray the same character.

These are just portions of the long list of cosplaying tips. These may look simple but they’re indeed good Cosplay principles.

Basically, Cosplay is a valise of the words costume and play. This term was coined by the famous Nobuyuki Takahashi from Studio Hard- a Japanese studio, while he was in the World Science Fiction Convention or the famous Worldcon in Los Angeles, California in 1983. Takahashi was so astonished by the hall, as well as with the costumed fans. Soon, he reported about what he discovered in a variety of Japanese magazines about science fiction. And there goes the birth of Cosplay…

More and more people are entering the world of Cosplay, particularly those who are fascinated with manga, animated shows, films and comic books. Just like in other aspects, beginner cosplayers certainly need myriad of advices to ensure their success in the world of Cosplay and to ensure that they’ll pull off every character that they’ll mimic.

Getting to Know Anime

In the past two decades, the world outside of Japan has slowly become acquainted with anime, a new art form in the field of animation. Most dictionaries will define anime as a Japanese style of animation characterized by rich graphics, richly textured characters and complex themes. Getting to know anime is like being introduced to a new world where perspective, themes, and characters.

A Different Twist to Animation

Several characteristics distinguish anime design from other types of animation. The most noticeable among these characteristics is the way in most stories, eyes are exaggerated so that they are the most dominant feature of the person being portrayed. Some say that this is partly because one of the prime creators of anime, Osamu Tezuka, was highly influenced by Betty Boop and similar characters who had extremely large eyes. It is through these exaggerated eyes that the characters in anime express every conceivable emotion.

Anime characters are often depicted with unique and lively hair, and it is not uncommon for the hair to enhance the over-all action of the characters. Hairs are tousled, or standing on end, or drenched in sweat to emphasize emotions and to create strong visual impact.

A Community of Anime Fans

Anime has become a fascinating art form for many, and there is now a strong community of anime fans in many places outside of Japan. In the1990s there was an anime boom during which gave rise to anime clubs, anime conventions, and contests. There are all sorts of anime art pieces, and all the other things that fans come up with.

A Peek into Anime Productions

A brief at look at some popular anime productions will show how anime plots flow.

  • Watamote. This anime revolves around Tomoko, a person who suffers from social anxiety. As this young girl struggles to relate to her high school peers, she fumbles instead and often finds herself more isolated than ever. The show is packaged as a comedy, and yet what it actually does is show very clearly how much of a torture it is for a young girl to be unable to fit into society.
  • From the New World. The setting for the anime is a post-apocalyptic world where people have psychic powers and face dilemmas with haunting moral implications. The story is centered on five children who discover how their world became what it was.
  • Full Metal Alchemist. This is about an alchemist who, to avoid losing his brother, attached his brother’s spirit onto an armor. The alchemist and his brother then go on a journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone – the object that will strengthen the alchemists’ powers and help solve the world’s problems.
  • Gintama. This anime revolves around the life of a samurai trying to survive in a world where his enemies are not ordinary bandits but aliens and monsters. The hero, Gintoki Sakata, goes through countless adventures as a freelancer, and he suffers through various trials and a lot of humiliation in a world that no longer has samurai.

The world of anime is truly mesmerizing, and it utilizes animation to deal with themes not usually discussed in most animated productions. Anime provides an intriguing angle to what used to be simple cartoons, and as a result there are people now who now regard anime as something similar to soap operas.

Japanese Fashion Trends for 2014

Japan’s capital city Tokyo is one of the world’s fashion capitals. When it comes to fashion, it has a following all on its own. Although international trends also affect the city’s fashion industry, they also have a unique take on their local fashion that transcends all over the globe.

When people from other parts of the globe come across a photo of some kind of Japanese fashion, they are in awe. Yes, there are Japanese fashion trends that are really in a whole new level like the infamous Harajuku fashion. However, what a lot of people do not know is that there are different kinds of Japanese fashion and in 2014 the styles keep on getting better and more interesting.

Harajuku Fashion

This is probably the most famous Japanese fashion trend that non-Japanese people know of. When it comes to Harajuku fashion, everything is colourful, fun and loud. The key items to achieving the Harajuku Kawaii are the following:

  • Big Colourful Ribbons – Place this on your hair and exude cuteness overload.
  • Chunky Colourful Necklaces – Notice that everything is colourful, stack accessories on.
  • Prints – Go for fun prints that can show girly or cute styles.
  • Stuffed Toys – There are guys and gals who wear stuffed toys as necklaces.
  • Platform Shoes – The Harajuku look will not be complete without the thick platform shoes.

Cat Fashion

This is a popular choice for teens and young women in Japan. To top it off, Japanese love cats because they are independent and just cute. There are women who love cat apparel and shoes while others take it to a whole new level by using cats as inspiration for their hair and makeup. Here are some items to achieve the look:

  • Cat Shoes – This usually has a print or cat face on the tip of the shoes.
  • Cat Socks – If you have plain shoes, go for cute socks with cat fur print or cat faces instead.
  • Cat Headbands with Ears – This is called the Alice headband, the headbands are snugly and have cat ears.
  • Skirts – Fun skirts that are usually solid in color with cat faces on them are a fun way to join the cat fashion craze.
  • Cat Accessories – If you find it too much to sport the cat fashion on clothes or shoes, try wearing cat accessories instead. A fun necklace or charm bracelet can help keep you in trend.

Hat Fashion

This is a popular trend in Japan that has emerged in recent years. The wide brimmed hat became a hot commodity and is usually called the actress hat. When worn the hat looks elegant and casual. At first, the hat trend was something only seen on vacation in beaches or somewhere really sunny. However, when famous personalities started wearing them in the city the boom began. Here are some hats that are looking promising this year:

  • Fedora Hat – Perfect for a casual ensemble the fedora hat in a felt texture are selling like pancakes.
  • Bowler Hat – Exuding a trendy London-ish vibe, the bowler hat aims to finish off your simple outfits.
  • Wide-Brimmed Hat – As mentioned above, this is not only for resorts anymore. The easy-breezy outfits can now stand out with this add on.

Check out some of these trends in Japanese fashion this year and see what you would like to try.

Reasonable Tactics for Geeky Moms to Approach Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers are no different than adults. These little ones also get frustrated and angry. But, unlike adults, toddlers have a different manner of showing their frustration. The ear-piercing screams, wild kicks in the air, and tearful cries are just some common manifestations of toddler tantrums.

Why do children express their frustration in such loud and embarrassing fashion? Temper tantrums usually occur in children between the ages of four and seven, but can be prevalent with older kids too. These are the ages when kids think everything revolves around them and tantrums are just an outlet when they become exasperated with the world around them. As a geeky mom, it’s important not to get too personal about this show of temper because they are not directed at you. While children still lack control over the environment, you can use your maturity and geeky strategies to say “no” to toddler tantrums.

  • Distract your child’s attention. Children are known to have very short attention span, making it easy to change the focus of their attention within a minute’s notice. When a tantrum is about to erupt, find ways to redirect the child to a new object or activity, or calmly talk about another interesting subject. Knowing how fascinated children are with latest gadgets, make sure to have a fun bag filled with items you can easily pull out and offer to the child once he begins to act unsettled. Make sure to rotate the items and always use a cheerful voice to distract the child from the object of his brewing tantrum.
  • Give your child some options. Oftentimes kids act up as form of rebellion for the way parents control their life. Young as they are, kids want to have little independence to decide and do what they want. Allow your child to choose by offering them choices so that their decision remains within your bounds. For example, instead of automatically serving them cereal for breakfast, ask them whether they want toast or pancakes. However, avoid giving your kid open-ended option like asking if he wants to eat breakfast. You’ll surely get a resounding negative reply. Consider asking if he wants to eat breakfast in the dining table or at the kitchen counter instead.
  • Provide the attention your child craves for. In most cases, kids have temper tantrums to call for attention. They are such smart fellows who know that when they throw tantrums, they can get the attention they want, even if it’s in a negative way. Spend quality time with your child even it is only for short periods. Taking a short walk, watching Star Wars, playing video games, or telling sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero bedtime stories are special bonding moments to help your child realize he’s important. See how the child strives to reward you with his positive behavior.
  • Help your child understand the meaning of “No.” One of the biggest mistakes parents make when their child has a tantrum is to give in just to end it or to avoid a noisy confrontation. Your child can always act up a tantrum as a leverage to get what he wants. Show the child that not any amount of tantrums is acceptable. While in full tantrum mode, take the child away from the object until he calms down. Use lots of love and patience in explaining that a tantrum cannot help to get him what he desires.

No matter how geeky you are as a mom, your child can respond to your parental intervention to put his tantrums in the right perspective. As parent, your job is to help your child overcome this undesirable behavior by creating an environment that does not only provide options, but one where he does not feel hungry for attention.