Hi, Lucy is here! That is what all my close friends call me because of my funny quirks and passion for science fiction, Japanese anime and culture.

Why is the domain name ‘Radical Breedz’? Glad you asked. It’s pretty random but it’s the first thing that came to my mind when I was registering this domain.lucy

Here are some random facts about me. I worked for two dot com companies both of which went under (through no fault of mine, I assure you) and at the time of writing, I am wearing different color socks. Why? Because my left foot is happier in blue!

Aside from science fiction, I’m a gadget freak. I like reading about parenting, women issues and the potential inventions that big companies are on to and waiting for their release. But I like even more what indie developers will come up with. It’s like watching science fiction turned into reality – Google Glass, virtual headsets, anything that enhances user experience.

I’ll post my comments and reviews about them here for anyone who cares to read. I’m also attempting to make a DIY customizable kit for a smartphone, a tablet and a console. Your comments, opinions, reactions and geek jokes are highly appreciated.