Are You Drinking Right?

It is common knowledge that the body needs water to survive. Water is essential to proper body and mind conditioning. Lack of hydration is a major cause of many body ailments. Joint pains, intense headaches, fever and high body temperature, bone problems, kidney problems, circulatory problems, and many others; these are known to be caused by under-hydration.

A wrong notion of many though, exists; that as long as you have fluid intake, then you’re okay.  Worse, a lot of people pay no attention to the kinds of drinks they put into their body. Indeed, it is quite confusing why people often choose to drink other kinds of fluids more than water. Water is still the best drink to take and water is readily available in your home, school, office, and other public places.  A steady supply of safe drinking water is also within your reach, water companies (like as follows) may be contracted for bulk water delivery.

Soda, though easily accessible on store shelves, is one dangerous drink. People have taken to liking this as a water replacement. Don’t cave into sugar cravings thru too much soda intake, you’ll be running on empty calories if you do. All you gain is weight gain and unhealthy sugar levels. If you dislike plain water, try carbonated water in stead. Drink with a slice of lime.

Coffee is a daily necessity for many busy people. Indeed, it is an energizer, but too much coffee is unhealthy. Too much caffeine dehydrates since it acts as a diuretic, forcing liquid loss.  Healthy amounts of coffee may be good, it is reported to decrease risk of hypertension, cancer, and diabetes. If possible, stick to regular coffee brew, avoid flavored and sugar loaded blends. Use cream and sweetener sparingly.

Alcohol taken in moderation has documented health benefits. Moderation is the key, take multiple shots only during social gatherings, and even then, don’t overdrink alcoholic drinks. Avoid frozen drinks- daiquiris, pina colada, margarita, etc. Such have many artificial add-ons in the mix. Light beer, dry wine, and soda water are better alternatives.

For other hydration tips, visit Spark People.

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