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Japanese Fashion Trends for 2014

Japan’s capital city Tokyo is one of the world’s fashion capitals. When it comes to fashion, it has a following all on its own. Although international trends also affect the city’s fashion industry, they also have a unique take on their local fashion that transcends all over the globe.

When people from other parts of the globe come across a photo of some kind of Japanese fashion, they are in awe. Yes, there are Japanese fashion trends that are really in a whole new level like the infamous Harajuku fashion. However, what a lot of people do not know is that there are different kinds of Japanese fashion and in 2014 the styles keep on getting better and more interesting.

Harajuku Fashion

This is probably the most famous Japanese fashion trend that non-Japanese people know of. When it comes to Harajuku fashion, everything is colourful, fun and loud. The key items to achieving the Harajuku Kawaii are the following:

  • Big Colourful Ribbons – Place this on your hair and exude cuteness overload.
  • Chunky Colourful Necklaces – Notice that everything is colourful, stack accessories on.
  • Prints – Go for fun prints that can show girly or cute styles.
  • Stuffed Toys – There are guys and gals who wear stuffed toys as necklaces.
  • Platform Shoes – The Harajuku look will not be complete without the thick platform shoes.

Cat Fashion

This is a popular choice for teens and young women in Japan. To top it off, Japanese love cats because they are independent and just cute. There are women who love cat apparel and shoes while others take it to a whole new level by using cats as inspiration for their hair and makeup. Here are some items to achieve the look:

  • Cat Shoes – This usually has a print or cat face on the tip of the shoes.
  • Cat Socks – If you have plain shoes, go for cute socks with cat fur print or cat faces instead.
  • Cat Headbands with Ears – This is called the Alice headband, the headbands are snugly and have cat ears.
  • Skirts – Fun skirts that are usually solid in color with cat faces on them are a fun way to join the cat fashion craze.
  • Cat Accessories – If you find it too much to sport the cat fashion on clothes or shoes, try wearing cat accessories instead. A fun necklace or charm bracelet can help keep you in trend.

Hat Fashion

This is a popular trend in Japan that has emerged in recent years. The wide brimmed hat became a hot commodity and is usually called the actress hat. When worn the hat looks elegant and casual. At first, the hat trend was something only seen on vacation in beaches or somewhere really sunny. However, when famous personalities started wearing them in the city the boom began. Here are some hats that are looking promising this year:

  • Fedora Hat – Perfect for a casual ensemble the fedora hat in a felt texture are selling like pancakes.
  • Bowler Hat – Exuding a trendy London-ish vibe, the bowler hat aims to finish off your simple outfits.
  • Wide-Brimmed Hat – As mentioned above, this is not only for resorts anymore. The easy-breezy outfits can now stand out with this add on.

Check out some of these trends in Japanese fashion this year and see what you would like to try.