Flat Footedness

Flat footedness is a cause of fallen arch. It is a postural deformity wherein the arch of the foot collapses. It is said that the biomechanics of the lower leg and the structure of the arch of the foot has a functional relationship. The arch gives an elastic connection between the fore foot and the hind foot.

People who have low to no arches on the inside of their feet are considered to have flat feet. Generally, there are no symptoms for flat footedness. Some people only experience foot pain particularly in the heel or arch area. Sometimes swelling may also occur in the ankle.

Flat footedness normally occurs in infants and toddlers. During these periods, the foot’s arch has not developed yet. Childhood is the time when people’s arches develop but some people’s arches never develop. However, flat footedness may or may not bring problems to those who have this kind of this abnormality.

There are factors that can worsen the problem of having a flat foot. Obesity, Aging, Traumatic injury to your foot or ankle and rheumatoid arthritis are one of those. Doctors have different therapeutic suggestions to people who have flat foot.  Wearing orthotic devices is one of the suggestions that can help relieve the pain caused by having this flat footedness. Exercise through stretching is also one kind of treatment for short tendons which normally flat feet have.  A structurally supportive shoe can also be more comfortable than sandals or shoes with less support.

In addition, there are also home remedies and corrective lifestyle for people with flat feet. Activities like jumping and running activities are still good for people who have foot problem. Check best shoes for flat feet for info. Other suggested activities are walking, swimming, and biking.

Since obesity is one factor that increases the problem of flat footedness, losing weight can be a good goal for someone who has flat feet. Proper diet can lessen the amount of the stress on your feet. When the person is suffering from pain due to flat footedness, pain relievers over the counter are helpful, too.

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