Ice Cream Facts

Ice cream was also called cream ice or iced cream in earlier times. Variations and other terms used for this product is sorbet, gelato, frozen yogurt, or frozen custard. Ice cream is produced commercially and in households. Companies like the following, offer undercounter ice maker for sale.

In the U.S., product companies must comply with specifications on ingredients in order for their product to be labeled as ‘ice cream’, otherwise, labels must state ‘frozen dairy desert’. Often served as a cold frozen dessert, it is a dairy product, using cream and milk as its main ingredient. It is usually combined with fruits, nuts, and other ingredients, for main or additional flavoring. Iced cream is sweetened, colored, and flavored naturally or artificially. Some sell sugar-free specialties. Ice cream making is slow paced, ingredients are slowly stirred in as the product is cooled. This ensures that air is incorporated properly thus preventing large ice crystals in the end product. The slow process of preparation ensures a semi-solid foam for scooping and consumption.

Ingman and Nestle are the current largest ice cream makers. The most ordered flavors worldwide are vanilla and chocolate. ‘Freddo’ and ‘Persicco’ are popular product companies in Argentina, where ice cream is similar to Italian Gelato, not the U.S. style. Ice cream pops are also sold widely and ice cream parlours are located in every city. Dulce de Leche is the traditional flavor. Ice cream parlours serve cream-based and water based ice cream. Normally, each ice cream cone is served with 2 flavors.

Finland ranks first in Europe as the leading ice cream consumer, but Australia and New Zealand consume the most ice cream worldwide, estimated at eighteen to twenty liters daily. Top brands are Tip Top, Cadbury, Baskin-Robbins, and Streets. Hokey Pokey (of New Zealand origin) is the most popular flavor in both countries, as well as in Japan.

China serves Mung beans chilled desserts, these are similar to ice cream. Beans are macerated till paste-like texture, boiled together with sugar and milk. Black sesame and red beans are also popular ice cream flavors in China. HongKong and Taiwan also has ice-cream moon cake for sale during the Moon Festival.

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