Japanese Game Shows: Beyond the Usual

When it comes to game shows, Japanese are known for being “notorious.” The game shows that they air in national television are totally strange and are even a taboo in other countries. However, to the Japanese people, these shows are extremely hilarious. In fact, most of these weird game shows are raking massive advertisements from huge companies and are also enjoying high TV ratings.

Have These Shows Gone Overboard?

spaIf you ask Japanese viewers in regards to how they feel about these game shows, they will say that the shows are hilarious. However, if you show these videos to non-Japanese viewers, you might expect a different reaction. There are game shows that feature regular fun games with funny consequences. There are also shows that feature a difficult maze that their guests have to solve. These games are also played in some other parts of the world. However, there are certain games that are way beyond what should be seen on TV.

For instance, there is a game where a pair has to answer the question correctly. One of them is tasked to stand up while answering the question. The other one has to be tied on an object while his butt faces the direction of the partner. They start far away from each other, but for every wrong answer given, the other partner’s butt gets closer and closer to the one answering the question. This usually ends up with a very nasty ending. Another game features question and answer too. However, all the contestants are men and for every wrong answer, they will be literally whacked on the balls. Other game shows also feature women in extremely sexy outfits. One game show even requires a women in bikini to catch as many coins as she can using her breasts.

What Does These Shows Say about Japanese Culture?

It is quite ironic seeing these shows especially in Japan knowing for a fact that Japanese people are known to be conservative and polite. They also tend to be very quiet and proper especially during social gatherings. Seeing these shows reflect the other side of Japanese culture. Though the shows look weird to us, Japanese people find them funny. Also, with the presence of these game shows, people have other means of enjoyment. Japan is known to have a very high rate of suicide. The country also has a huge number of “isolated” individuals. These shows make them feel better.

However, according to some studies, these shows simply degrade the quality of entertainment in Japan. These shows bank on embarrassing and humiliating other people for fun. They believe that something can still be considered funny but not at the expense of someone. According to some people behind these game shows, for Japanese people, it is all about standing out. For them, to stand out and be noticed is already fun in itself. They also believe that these shows teach an important lesson. When you don’t do well, you will harm and embarrass your family. However, if you do your best to avoid humiliation, then you look great in your family’s eyes.

There are plans to bring some of these shows to the United States given how successful they were in Japan. However, with varied cultures from these 2 countries, the possibility is quite low.

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